Here is my camera obscura which is built of an old folding camera you can buy in photo shops for a very small amount of money. All the pictures shown on this side are taken with this device. The lens was replaced by a sheet of aluminium in which I drilled small hole.


Pictures were taken im September 1999 in the South of Norway

Right before this holiday I finished this pinhile camera made of an old folding camera. Because of this, I was not able to verify the size of the hole and I had to estimate the exposure times. The f-stop is calculated to 333 but the manufactoring is not that acurate. Exposurtimes between 5 and 20 seconds were used.

Because I reduced the film formate from 9x6 to 6x6 the camera has a telefoto like view angle. This doesn't make it easy to determine the exact view.

Here are shown 4 pictures of the first film I shot at the holiday in Norway. The weather and, corresponding to that, the environmental light was changing rapidly.


Shot on the top of my desk

Here are two pictures I shot to check,if the new "lense" is working. I decided to reduce the pinhole size to get more sharpness.

I like the worm colors produced by my desklamp. As you can see the sharpness reaches from very near to infinity.

Storm over Warnemünde

Shot at Warnemünde on a sunday after a heavy storm

These are shot a day after a heavy storm hit Rostock and Warnemünde (the whole of northern germany of course). The wind was still very heavy and the sea throwed big waves against the mole of Warnemünde.

I wanted to "fix" the wind, water, sand and clouds chasing each other across the site.

Unfortunately I had no lightmeter and no clock with me. So I decided to open the shutter, count slowly up to around 15 and close the shutter again. I think, it worked fine.


Shot in Rome October 1999

All four shots were made on one day in Rome. The sky was cloudy or at least foggy. The low tech of the pinhole together with the antique ruins give a very special look.

Picture 3 is accidentally double exposed. But the result looks more like the scene I've seen in my mind (good luck!)

Picture 2 is taken out of a typical small street restaurant. It captures the mood of the scene better then it is possible with an "ordinary" lense camera. No one of the people -insite or outsite- recognized the camera.


Taken at a winter day in Warnemünde

Wien: Schloss Schönbrunn

Shot 2002 in the park of Schönbrunn castle in Vienna.

The exposure time was chosen to 17 seconds - as in all outdoor pinhole pictures taken with this camera. Some of the other visitors show motion blur. The camera was put on a wall, so all the architecture should be infocus - in the sense of the pinhole lens.


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